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Dear Alumnus and Supporter of RJC

We'll get straight to the point. Now is the time to DO MORE. BE MORE. We need you to be a part of it.

In 1905, our forebears boldly envisioned a school where Mennonite students could grow academically, spiritually and socially. They wanted something better for their children. They worked hard, dug deep and built Rosthern Junior College.

We, the alumni and supporters of RJC, have been the benefactors of their generosity over the last 110 years. RJC has left an indelible mark in our memories - remember the lat-night dorm shenanigans? Sports team victories? Musicals that somehow came together at the last minute and the crowds gave you a standing ovation? Choir tour when the bus got stuck? Or when you needed an ear to listen, a friend, teacher or dean was there for you?

RJC challenged us to DO MORE. BE MORE. - to learn, serve, encourage, lead and offer one another mercy and love. This is the timeless legacy of RJC, and our world needs this NOW more than ever.

RJC has stood the test of time, rooted in faith and always growing into the future. As society propels forward, RJC has adapted. New experiential learning curricula, opportunities to travel and serve in places throughout Western Canada, the southern United States and Central America, alongside an emphasis on community at home, give RJC students a unique perspective on their place in the world. Where else can students get an education lik this and grow in their faith?

Now is the time to DO MORE. BE MORE.

Just as programs and curricula have been updated in the last few years, now is the time to upgrade our physical infrastructure to improve the learning environment and safety of our students and faculty.

We can do this with your support. We are raising capital funds to support the arts, athletics, academic programs and to refurbish the school chapel, offices and dorms. Through Phase 1, we have successfully raised over $650,000. We need you to DO MORE. BE MORE. as we enter Phase II of the campaign.

Costing you less than the price of a few lattes per month, please make a monthly donation of $25, $50 or $100 for the next five years to our capital campaign by filling out and returning the enclosed pledge form. Of course, lump sum gifts are also gratefully accepted and tax receipts will be issued. Now more than ever, we need you to DO MORE. BE MORE..

Support Phase II of the DO MORE. BE MORE. Capital Development Campaign with a monthly, annual or lump sum contribution to the Capital Development and Operational Funds as noted:

Monthly Payments for 5 Years

$25 per month
$20 to Capital; $5 to Operations
$50 per month
$40 to Capital; $10 to Operations
$100 per month
$75 to Capital; $25 to Operations

Annual Payments for 5 Years

$300 per year
$240 to Capital; $60 to Operations
$600 per year
$480 to Capital; $120 to Operations
$1200 per year
$900 to Capital; $300 to Operations

Single Lump Sum Payments

$6000 per year
$4500 to Capital; $615000 to Operations
$3000 per year
$2400 to Capital; $600 to Operations
$1500 per year
$1200 to Capital; $300 to Operations

Payments can be made on-line, by credit or debit card, or automatic withdrawal.

A portion of these donations will be designated to fund the immediate and ongoing capital development projects within the next 5 years including school building and dormitory enhancements. The other stated portion will support operational funding.

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