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Do More. Be More. Strategic 5 Year Plan

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Our Challenge

RJC seeks to be a vibrant, sustainable place of learning. We want more students to have the opportunity to experience our unique, intimate environment, which nurtures the potential of each person and forms community-minded, globally aware, faith-driven leaders of tomorrow.


Our Plan

The Board has set three strategic priorities:

  1. Grow student enrollment
  2. Develop and enhance the facility
  3. Enrich student academic programming

To contribute to the Do More Be More Strategic Plan, contact Jim Epp or online through (indicate in the instructions dialogue box that the donation is designated for "Capital Development Fund".)


Priority # 1 – Grow Student Enrollment

Goal: To establish effective recruitment strategies that bring more students to RJC.

Five-Year Targets:

  • 100 student annual enrollment
  • 1,000 potential names in our student recruitment database
  • Growth in our Generation Next database and program


  • Form a recruitment committee to share ideas and bring forward potential names and recruiting events.
  • Develop and manage a future-oriented recruitment database that holds names of potential students for upcoming years.
  • Upgrade the student database to allow improved reporting of recruitment activities and student information.
  • Actively re-connect alumni and potential students to the school, and re-vision how the Alumni Association connects with the Board.
  • Establish active Board Ambassadors in every MC Saskatchewan and MC Alberta church.
  • Identify other demographic and geographic groups that are possible sources of RJC students.
  • Boost our communications strategy:
    • Develop an online strategy for communicating school activities, and invite students to participate as the voice of the school body.
    • Re-vision the Alumni Newsletter as a school newsletter and communications tool with an Alumni connection and a school focus.

donateNow2b1Priority # 2 – Develop and Enhance the Facility

Goal: Raise funds for capital improvement projects to meet student needs, now and in the future.

Five-Year Targets:

  • $250,000 for the Academic Program – renovate the Senior Science Labs
  • $100,000 for the Music Program – Piano replacement and upgrades to music program equipment
  • $100,000 for the Athletics Program – replace and upgrade score clocks, bleachers, fitness room and sporting equipment
  • $500,000 for Administrative Renovations – relocate staff and administrative offices to main floor front entrance addition
  • $100,000 for Dormitory Renovations – renovate the interior living space
  • $500,000 for Infrastructure Upgrades – re-roofing projects for gymnasium and dormitory, and boiler upgrade project for the school


  • Form a donor relations committee to share fundraising ideas and initiate contact with potential donors, together with the Development Officer.
  • Develop and manage a 10- to 15-year Capital Development Plan for the campus.
  • Establish a Capital Development Fund to finance Capital Development projects
  • Upgrade and update the donor database to allow more targeted connections with donors and to be able to recognize and thank them more effectively.
  • Intensify connection and communication with funding agencies, including Government and church (MC Saskatchewan and MC Alberta).

donateNow2b1Priority # 3 – Enrich Student Programming

Goal: Ensure that RJC students experience higher learning through enriched student programming in academic and extra-curricular opportunities.

Five-Year Targets:

  • Evaluate opportunity for Grade 9 programming.
  • Develop a student accessibility plan through day use opportunities. ■■ Pursue partnerships that will enhance student learning.


Pursue programming options such as:

  • Evaluate the opportunity for a targeted Grade 9 Learning Experience unique to the College and the surrounding district.
  • Review and enhance the shuttle program for day students from the local area.
  • Explore new educational opportunities and partnerships for Industrial Arts and Language programs.
  • Create educational opportunities for students by discovering unique learning opportunities for staff through teaching exchanges and MCC Study Tours.

Download the Do More Be More Information Booklet





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