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What Makes RJC Different From Other High Schools?

Rosthern Junior College is deeply appreciative of the relationships it enjoys in the community. Administrators work together with other Mennonite schools as a part of the Canadian Association of Mennonite Schools (CAMS).

RJC is also a part of the Saskatchewan Historical High Schools Association (SHHSA). RJC continues to benefit from a strong and healthy relationship with Prairie Spirit School Division. This is evidenced by our participation in their Athletic Association, sharing of resources and informal exchanges and discussions amongst teachers and colleagues.

Rooted Academics

RJC has an exceptional Academic Program. RJC is rooted in faith and closely tied to its heritage and history. We challenge and encourage our students to set goals, and achieve the very best they can. Most graduates will attend a post secondary institution within 5 years of graduation.

Resident Life

Resident life offers opportunities to experience unique community, independence and growth. Student highlights usually lead back to life in the dorms; the late nights, the friends and the fun. RJC's international students help to make it a great experience to encounter other cultures.

Competitive Sports

Through participation in both team and individual sports activities, students are active and involved. Sports foster healthy attitudes regarding teamwork, discipline and fair play.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff will challenge students to reach their potential while providing support and encouragement along the way.

Discovery of Faith

RJC students attend a chapel four out of five days, are encouraged to discover the Bible in mandatory Christian Ethics classes, and experience a community rooted in faith and peace.

Campus Events

From fundraising events, to tournaments, coffee houses, and guest visits to our campus, there are many ways to get involved above and beyond the regular school day.

Service Learning Opportunity

Local and international service trips provide the opportunity to take what they are learning and apply it in service in other communities, near and far.

Exceptional Arts Program

RJC has a unique, high quality and active fine arts program. Choirs, Visual Art and Theatre Arts classes, along with private instruction in theory/harmony, voice, piano and guitar are offered throughout the academic day.

Personal Growth

RJC takes pride in the community atmosphere at the school. We focus on creating a nurturing and growing environment for our students, preparing them for life after high school.


The friendships created with peers at RJC are strong and tend to last a lifetime. Every year we have our decade grad reunion weekend where alumni have the opportunity to visit the school and old friends.

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