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Rooted in Faith, Growing the Future

Rooted in Faith, Growing the Future
speaks to the ways in which the past meets and gives rise to the future. It acknowledges the strength and durability of our Mennonite heritage, while at the same time creates openness to a future as yet unknown. It paints a wide horizon, full of opportunity and adventure for our students.
RJC is about transformation
Our school is a community closely tied to its Mennonite roots, in which we nurture young people through their high school years, affording them truly exceptional experiences that profoundly broaden and shape their futures.
In this way, our students are transformed.
We acknowledge the traditions that strengthen us, and at the same time, our openness to change is what equips us to educate in a dynamic world.
In this way, our school is transformed.
Our students leave this place with depth of character, breath of world view, and lifelong friendships. Grounded in community and fortified with confidence, they emerge educated and equipped to be leaders of industry, athletics, arts and academics.
In this small but significant way, the world is transformed.

Quick Facts About Rosthern Junior College

Rosthern Junior College has been in the business of education for over 108 years, with close to 4,000 graduates who have found success in a variety of fields. Classroom learning is enriched with creative opportunities in academic programs, music, student leadership, athletics, the arts and service learning programs. We are convinced that learning, at its best, occurs when academics are bound together with faith and positive relationships and where the focus is the development of the whole person.

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Mission and Vision Statement

Established in 1905, Rosthern Junior College helps students to develop a Christian lifestyle in all aspects of their lives through education, athletics, the performing arts and community service opportunities. For residential students, living from day to day with peers also enables students to develop structured independence, balanced by respect and trust for one another.

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What Makes RJC Different From Other High Schools?

Rosthern Junior College is deeply appreciative of the relationships it enjoys in the community. Administrators work together with other Mennonite schools as a part of the Canadian Association of Mennonite Schools (CAMS).

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