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2016 Soccer Season Comes to an End

The Boys’ soccer team finished their season with a solid effort at regionals in Waldheim on Saturday, October 22.  The grade 12s (Austin G., Jared W., Carter C., Liam B., and Joe Connell) served as the team captains for the final game, and they all finished on the field as the clock signaled the end of the game and their season.  They boys showed significant growth this year as a team, and with many players returning next year the future looks bright.  Some highlights of the season included our tournament in at LCBI, and competing as a co-ed RJC team in the Alumni tournament. 

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Football Semi Final vs Wynyard, Saturday November 5


The Rosthern Longhorns football team showed the heart and determination of a champion as they earned the right to host a provincial semi-final game after an exciting come from behind 56-48 win vs Assiniboia last Saturday!  The game will be held in Rosthern vs Wynyard on Saturday, November 5 at 1 pm.


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Alumni Volleyball & Soccer Tournament - October 28-29

Alumni Volleyball & Soccer Tournament - October 28-29


Soccer will run Saturday only.

Please meet in the Rehearsall Hall by 10:00 am on Saturday and bring $5 to help cover the cost of refs. A 10:00 am game and a 1:00 pm game will be played. Dress warmly!



WOMEN'S TEAMS                                     MEN'S TEAMS

RJC                                                                 RJC

2014/15                                                           Youngish Alumni

2011/12/13                                                      Old Guys/Staff



Pre 88


WOMEN                                                        MEN (AND WOMEN) please read carefully

6:00     RJC vs. Pre 88                                    RJC vs. Old Guys/Staff

6:45     14/15 vs. 11/12/13                              RJC vs. Youngish Alumni

7:30     04-10 vs. 88-90                                   Youngish Alumni vs. Old Guys/Staff

8:15     Pre 88 vs. 11/12/13                             WOMEN        RJC vs. 04-10

9:00     88-90 vs. 14/15


9:00     04-10 vs. Pre 88

9:45     RJC vs. 14/15                                     RJC vs. Old Guys/Staff

10:30   88-90 vs. 11/12/13                              Youngish Alumni vs. Old Guys/Staff

11:15   Pre 88 vs. 14/15                                  RJC vs. Youngish Alumni

12:15   04-10 vs. 14/15                                   WOMEN        RJC vs. 88-90

1:00     88-90 vs. Pre 88                                  WOMEN        RJC vs. 11/12/13

1:45     11/12/13 vs. 04-10                              Co-ed Game can happen if there is interest

2:30     WOMEN'S SEMI - 1 vs. 4               WOMEN’S SEMI – 2 v. 3

3:30     WOMEN'S FINAL                            MEN’S FINAL – 1 v. 2

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