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Junior Senior 2017 - 'Roaring Twenties'

The Juniors (grade tens and elevens) at RJC have been busy over the last several weeks going uncover and planning a special honoring night for the Seniors (grade 12s).  The event, Junior Senior, marks the beginning of the end of the 2016-2017 school year!  It is a special night where appreciation is shown to the Grade 12 class for all their contributions to making this school year unique.  The theme of the evening was the 'Roaring Twenties'!

The evening began with the Grade 12 class participating in the tradition of planting a class tree and burying their prophecies .  Once a class picture was taken at the old school, they were invited into the dinning hall for a delicious meal prepared by our RJC kitchen staff.


Once we were full to distraction, the Grade 12's were invited to complete a number of tasks to earn clues to locate a secret location.

Once they solved the puzzle, we danced the night away in the Pit!  The evening ended with a long time traditon of tributes to each member of the Grade 12 class.  


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ALSO Saskatoon 2017: A bit of a misnomer

In recent years, the Saskatoon ALSO group has begun spending time even closer to home with organizations that run on volunteers – camps. This year, four of our five days have been spent at camp.

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Also Alabama 2017 - H4H and Ransom Ministries

Also Alabama has been a busy crew.  On Tuesday it was already hot and humid as the bus pulled up to the Habitat site. Our day started off with a brief introduction to Habitat with the volunteer coordinator Ariel.  She explained to us that they don’t give away homes for free and that the potential homeowners had to pay a down payment of sweat equity before construction would begin on their own future home.  Sweat equity means that they have to work off part of their own house payment in volunteer hours.  After they work a certain number of hours Habitat would begin work on their home. Then our site supervisor, John, sent a group to paint a house across the street with Marcy and showed the rest of us what we’d be doing with the house.  Some got up on the roof to finish it and the rest of us stayed down to finish nailing the plywood to the studs.  The second day at Habitat, we went to a new site. We were greeted by an empty concrete slab and bundles of lumber.  By the end of the day, we almost had all the walls and framework up!  It was exciting to see how much we could accomplish in one day!  On our third day, because of rain (… and we mean rain!) we were disappointed that we could not go back to that site and finish what we had begun.  Instead we moved to a 3rd site where we did tiling and painting.  When the weather cleared up a crew went on to the roof to wrap it in waterproofing rolls of material.

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