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Record Breaking Spectacular 2017

The student body particpated in the 2017 Record Breaking Spectacular Fundraising event.  Each student sought out sponsors for the events to raise money for future projects and programing at RJC.  They then were divided into 9 teams that competed at 10 different events to try to set or break an existing record time or distance.  Prizes will be award in several different categories, including best costume, best team name, most money raised, most sponsors collected and of course most records held or broken! 


Team name and costumes included: Soul Sisters, Hobby Company, Stick Men, SS Unsinkable, BK 2017, M&M's, Whale Watchers, Circle of Life and the Sodee Pops.



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Football Saskatchewan Senior Bowl 2017

The Rosthern Longhorns are well represented at the 2017 Football Saskatchewan Senior Bowl.  This prestigious games features the best Grade 12 football players from across the province.  Four players from the Longhorns are members of team North, Brock Z (#21), Connor F. (#51), Josh W. (#10) and Mervin T. (#11).  

Team North jumped to an early lead and took control of the game and continued to lead the way rest of the game.  The third quarter had Team South rally a bit of a come back but Team North made the required adjustments pulled farther ahead in the fourth quarter.  Team North won a decisive victory with a score of 69-40.  In recognition of his toughness, skill and leadership, Brock Z. (#21) was selected as MVP.  Well done boys!  Way to represent our team guys!  Hook 'em horns!


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Junior Senior 2017 - 'Roaring Twenties'

The Juniors (grade tens and elevens) at RJC have been busy over the last several weeks going uncover and planning a special honoring night for the Seniors (grade 12s).  The event, Junior Senior, marks the beginning of the end of the 2016-2017 school year!  It is a special night where appreciation is shown to the Grade 12 class for all their contributions to making this school year unique.  The theme of the evening was the 'Roaring Twenties'!

The evening began with the Grade 12 class participating in the tradition of planting a class tree and burying their prophecies .  Once a class picture was taken at the old school, they were invited into the dinning hall for a delicious meal prepared by our RJC kitchen staff.


Once we were full to distraction, the Grade 12's were invited to complete a number of tasks to earn clues to locate a secret location.

Once they solved the puzzle, we danced the night away in the Pit!  The evening ended with a long time traditon of tributes to each member of the Grade 12 class.  


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