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Guys and Pies! 2017

On April 2 the RJC community gathered for Guys and Pies,  the “most delicious” fundraiser of the year.  The gymnasium was full with people enjoying an array of delicious pies while being entertained by great music provided by A Buncha Guys,led by Russ and Val Regier, as well as the RJC Manchoir.  A highlight of the evening was the cake auction.  Once again A Buncha Guys set the standard, paying the most ever for a cake!

Thanks to A Buncha Guys, the many volunteers, RJC students and staff and the crowd who attended for a great evening!  “Since Christ is Lord of heaven and earth, how can I keep from singing?”








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Weekly Update - March 28, 2017

Weekly Update - March 28, 2017

Cover Photo - with the warmer weather and days getting longer, many of us are dreaming of getting outside and enjoying spring.


While the list of events may seem short, students are busy planning for their ALSO trips, raising money for our “Lentopoly” student fundraiser, and finishing assignments and projects for term end on Friday.

PowerSchool access will be disabled Friday, March 27 at 3:00 and will remain disabled while report cards are being processed.


  • MUSICAL AUDITIONS – auditions for this year’s musical Sister Act will occur this week
  • GUYS & PIES, Sunday April 2 – 7:00, RJC Gymnasium. Join us for an evening of musical performances by RJC’s ManChoir and A Buncha Guys (comprised of alumni and friends of RJC). Enjoy pie baked by the RJC Kitchen Staff and bid in the live cake auction.
  • Term end, Friday March 31 – PowerSchool access will be shut down in order for report cards to be prepared.


  • Report Cards and Dorm Reports – will be processed this week and handed out/sent by the end of the week.
  • Badminton – The badminton season has begun, with a first practice on Monday, March 27. This is a very short season for RJC, with Conferences occurring during the last week of April.


  • PARENT/TEACHER/DEAN INTERVIEWS, Thursday, April 13, 1:00-5:30 – Parents will have an opportunity to meet with RJC staff Thursday afternoon from 1:00-5:30 pm (come-and-go basis).  Classes end at noon on Thursday, and the school and dorms will close for the Easter Break (April 14-23).  No supper will be served on Thursday
  • EASTER BREAK, Friday April 14-Sunday April 23 - Dorms will close Thursday, April 13 @ 5:30pm and will reopen Sunday, April 23 @ 3:00 pm. Classes resume Monday, April 24.
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Sadie Hawkins 2017 - RJC Emerg!

The Girls DC planned an exciting uniquely themed evening for their all school event, Sadie Hawkins 2017.  The week leading up to the event was filled with girls creatively 'asking out' their Sadie dates.  





The dininghall was transformed into a hospital emergency room complete with the ambulance backed into the entryway, operating room and plenty of blood splatter!  


Representatives from eachTables competed at the game 'Operation' to earn their way to the buffet table.  The kitchen staff out did themselves again, serving up a delicious meal.




Medical staff cared for their many patients who came to the emergency room with a wide variety of maladies and mishaps!









Due to the excellent care received in the  RJC Emergency room, all patients recovered enough participate in the all school swim night later that evening!







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