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RJC Opening Coffee House

It has been an exciting second week at RJC.  All fall team tryouts are complete and all five teams hit the road or hosted their first games.  Not only did the  SRC host a very successful Fall Frolic they continued their 'welcome here' activities by planning, with the DC, their second all school event. The Opening Coffee House was held on Wednesday night.  Talents were showcased and first year students were invited to participate in some good natured games.  Laugter and good times were had by all!

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Fall Frolic 2017

To avoid an unfavorable weather forecast, Fall Frolic was moved to Tuesday, September 12 to catch the last of the sunny warm days before the rain.  As a result, we had a beautiful day to spend the afternoon at the Valley Regional Park just outside of Rosthern.  The SRC planned fun activities for the day. Students dressed in team colors to compete against each other.




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We're Back!!! 2017-18 School Year off to a Good Start!

There was an abundance of energy and excitment in the air last week when the SRC and DC students arrived Sept 2nd to prepare for the new school year.  Before the student body arrived for registration on Sunday 4th, a commissioning service well held in the chapel to reaffirm our leaders commitments to each other and the student body at large, and provide a time to rejoice and give thanks together before the year began.


Greg Bobbit encourages the students not to lead by running ahead but by pushing from behind.


Terry Stefaniuk asks the question, What is in your tool box?


Jackson and Maria, Co-presidents, lead the leadership group in a litany.


SRC and DC are commissioned into service.



Students began arriving in the afternoon to register for classes and move into the dorm.  

Welcoming the Day students!


Choosing classes.



Moving in!


After a busy afternoon of moving in,  the students then met in the gym for their first all school activity.  The first evening was full of introductions and games in the gym.  The evening ended with a Walk a Mile. 



Classes and team try outs began the next day.  We are excited with the possiblity and potential of this year!  We will try to keep you posted!

RJC 2017-2018

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