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HMS Pinafore - Sneak Peek!

We tried the costumes for the first time on Friday. Mostly with improper footwear (or in some cases no footwear at all!) but it still gave us a good idea of what we will look like on stage.  Overall enthusiasm remains high and we look forward to some amazing live performances next week!
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CD 2013 - This Is My Song!

Order your RJC Choir 2013 Choir CD by calling the office and giving your credit card information.
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Saskatoon High School Choir Festival

You know, schools need to do this more often. We always hear how athletics build character and camaraderie, but that would be mostly true within the context of your own team. But put some choirs together and you get a real sense of group building. Sure, each choir steps up to do their best in the presence of their peers. But they also listen intently to the other choirs and truly wish each choir to sing well. And then you put them together to actually work together in harmony and voila - you have built a group dynamic that transcends the individual. The singers give up a bit of the "me" to become the "we." This is a POWERFUL statement that can change the way to view the world in all its diversity.
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