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ALSO Alabama - We made it to Memphis ! April 22

The first two days of our trip has involved restlessly sitting on a bus filled with smelly teenagers. So far we have spent 36 hours on this bus. During these 36 hours we have had, crying, laughing, puking, eating, joke making, singing, sleeping (but not really though), finding ticks, sore joints, but it was all swell as nobody got killed and we all enjoy each other (kinda). 
Our home on wheels!
On the third day (today) we rolled up to Memphis, Tennessee where we took a stroll around Graceland and signed the wall surrounding Elvis Presley's house. This was a hit for our group and got us in the rock 'n' roll southern mood. 
Tori leaves a mark for RJC on the famous Graceland wall.
Daniel falls in love.


Elvis adoration!


The Chaperones' get in on the excitement too!

After experiencing Graceland, we hopped on the bus and drove to our next destination for lunch, the Trolley Stop Market.  At this restaurant we got served pizza after pizza, it was delicious.  In total we have 7 full boxes of pizza leftover.  Next stop was the Civil Rights Museum, where we got an educational tour lead by the very talented William Young (he's got an awesome accent).  This was a great experience for us students as we learned a lot and found it very interesting.  A highlight for us from this Museum tour was seeing the artifacts involving the assassination of Dr. King.  We were all very moved by the legacy of Dr. King and his dedication to equality between all races.

Freedom is never free.
Wall Graffiti in Memphis Tennessee


Our group in front of the new art display in the Civil Rights Museum.  It is a 7000 lb. bronze sculpture .
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Chilling at Wanuskewin - Rosthern ALSO

This morning, us grade elevens who've yet to begin our ALSO experiences found ourselves at Wanuskewin Heritage Park. We learned more about Native history and traditions, in the interest of opening our minds to different perspectives, keeping with the spirit of ALSO. 

Following a short introductory film, our tour guide Bonnie taught us about a fascinating method of hunting once used by Native Americans, known as a "bison pound", in which a highly trained bison runner would disguise themselves as a baby bison and, through their cries, lure entire herds into a trap.
Then we headed into the admittedly cold outdoors, where we were lead on a "medicine walk", learning about the various traditional medicines that grow in the valley, of which there are countless varieties. For instance, green lichen, commonly found on rocks, acts as a multivitamin when boiled. Other plants numb pain, serve as birth control, and even act to thin one's blood. 
We wrapped up our experience by cooking bannock over a fire, which warmed us up after our chilly stroll through the park. Overall, our trip was a meaningful processor to our upcoming ALSO week, because how can we hope to be of service to others if we're not willing to open our minds, and hearts, to their lives?
written by Dante Regier 
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It's hot in Guat! - ALSO 2016

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