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Lentopoly: Rolling the dice for the last time!

Lentopoly: Final Report - Ryan Wood

April 13, 2017

Students crossed the finish line in their Lentopoly fundraiser this Tuesday with a grand total of $7,707.12!!!!  Running through Lent, students competed, won prizes, and tracked their progress on a monopoly-style game-board pasted on the chapel walls.   

The money will go to support our ALSO partners in different locations.  The Grade 10 class will bring a $1,000 donation to the Gleaners in Oliver BC, an organization that makes dehydrated soup for aid organizations around the world.   The Alabama group will bring $1,000 USD to the Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church for their lunch program, and the Guatemala group will bring $1,500 USD to the ANADESA after-school program.  Closer to home, the Saskatoon group will make a generous donation to the MCC Saskatoon Kids’ Club, and the Calgary group will sponsor a $2,000 hot supper at the Calgary Drop-in Centre, the largest homeless shelter in Canada.


Students were generous, creative, and energetic in their fundraising, and in the end the Grade10/11 class won the Lentopoly game raising $3,640.37 of the total.  These students enjoyed two dress code free days, and desk-side breakfast service from The Barista Brothers (Ryan and David).  


Some of the fundraising activities this year included pie sales, a bottle drive, an auction, and a curling bonspiel.  Thank you to everyone that participated and supported this event.  None of the money collected stays at RJC, it all goes to other organizations, and the students went above and beyond this year.  Congrats on your volunteerism and energy, and for making this event a success!      

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Lentopoly Fundraiser - Heading to the finish line!

We are in the final weeks of the Lentopoly Fundraiser.  Students continue to be creative in their fundraising ideas.  Competition between the factions is heating up!  The grade 10/11 team took an early lead but the grade 12 team came up big in the following weeks to close the gap.  The fundraiser officially ends on Monday April 10th.  The winner will be announced once all the monies are collected for the final tally.  Of course we know the real winners are the projects in Guatemala, Alabama, Saskatoon, Calgary and Oliver!  




Tess sells her home baked cookies.



Madi selling pet goldfish.



Adam tally's the points in the March madness bracket challenge.



Liam and Leo help out the local Lion's Club by selling chocolate bunnies door to door.




Tyse performs a rap for Scott.



The Lentopoly Auction was held last Thursday.  Staff and students donated items to be auctioned off to raise money for the ALSO projects.  Auction items ranged from chocolate milk, to baking, to soccer and football jerseys, to a movie night with the Woods family, to cruising 8th street in Richards cadillac, to two gourmet meals prepared and hosted by Hugo and Jim (who knew our men could cook!) to countless other items. The auction is always met with great enthusiasm. 







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Lentopoly- Curling Funspiel!

The Faith and Life Committee are doing their part to raise money for the Lentopoly fundraiser projects.  These include projects in Guatemala, Alabama, Calgary, Saskatoon and Oliver.  The Committee organized a Funspiel at the local curling rink to put the fun into Fundraising! It was generous supported and sponsored by Wakaw and District EMS.  Proceeds were distributed between the teams depending on the final standings.  









The event was a smashing success.  Spirits were high and the competition was fierce!  The best part was the money raised by the students for others in need. Game highlights follow.






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