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ALSO Oliver 2017 - Travel, Tents and Tonnes (of Fruit)


The Grade 10’s woke up bright and early this morning, ready to work instead of spending hours inside of crowded 15 passenger vans and the relief of not having David blast Katy Perry from the speakers. Some people, however, woke up extra early, because they forgot about the time change.

After arriving in Oliver Sunday night, just in time for supper, tents were assigned to groups of people and were promptly set up amongst the flowering cherry trees outside of the packing plant.

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ALSO Alabama 2017 - Our day in Memphis

Greetings from.... "Katherine where are we?"

"Tennesse? Arkansas? Memphis? I don't know."

"That's in Tennesse Katherine."

"Oh right. Well go check the map again Vanessa."

"Southaven. Southaven, Mississippi. That's where we are now."


We survived the two long nights on the bus. And we started off the day with a stop in Memphis at Graceland to visit the King. We were able to board his planes and sign the wall. Sprinkled for a few minutes, thought we'd need our rain coats, but the weather just decided to be humid the ENTIRE day! Then it was quick shopping for souvenirs and before we knew it, it was lunch time.

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ALSO Guatemala 2017 - Another World


Cover Photo: a group photo in the Saskatoon airport before departure


Here we are! Guatemala. From the moment we entered what will be our van for the trip's duration, we knew this was bound to be an entirely unique experience. A blend of Spanish love songs and classic American rock blasted from the speakers, while we wove our way through the nighttime traffic of Guatemala City and Ryan tried desperately to take a group selfie.

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