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RJC Clothing / Dress Code

RJC Dress Code clothing can be found by shopping online at URstore.

  • The purpose of the dress code at RJC is to ensure that the students are dressed in a manner consistent with the school's values by wearing neat, clean, and inoffensive clothing.
  • The dress code should limit the cost for school dress, and hopefuly will also help to instill a sense of pride in and identity with RJC.
  • It is important to label all school clothing with laundry markers to prevent loss, theft, or confusion over whose is whose.

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Other clothing options not supplied by the online store, but may be worn during the academic day include:

  • Navy or black pants (non-denim cotton pants, leggings, wind pants or dress pants - solid colour). Pants should not have coloured accents (such as zippers, seams, etc) or excessive logos.
  • Navy or black shorts, skirts or jumpers (knee length, solid colour).
  • Jeans, hats/hoods, sweatpants or athletic shorts (with the exception of RJC PE shorts) are not considered dress code, and will not be allowed during school hours.

For Concert Choir (all school choir), Chorale (auditioned choir), or other Choir Performances:

  • Students involved in choirs will receive information from the choir conductor regarding expectations.

RJC Spirit Wear

We also have a Spirit Wear store - pick up a jacket or backpack to show off your RJC pride!

PLEASE NOTE: Clothing from the Spirit Wear Store is not to be worn during the academic day.

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RJC Online Clothing Store (powered by URstore)

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