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From pre-school to graduate school, a child’s education is an important decision for every family.

High School is a time where students are transitioning from child to young adult. This transition time is vital for every young person. As a parent you want to see your child transition into a strong person of integrity, able to handle the challenges of life on their own, utilizing the skills and tools they have collected. You have built this foundation and we are here to work along side to continue the process.

At RJC we work hard to help your student achieve success in all areas of their life as they begin this journey. Your student will have the opportunity to be nurtured and supported, encouraged and loved as they make this exciting and challenging, even sometimes scary transition.

The best way for you to experience the beauty of our campus, the intellectual intensity in our classrooms and the warmth of our highly social atmosphere is to come see Rosthern Junior College for yourself.

guyspiesgymWould you like to meet our teachers? Sit in on a class? Indulge in a dining hall experience? Participate in an event with our students? We can make that happen. Throughout the school year we hold numerous events specifically intended to let prospective students and their families come for visits and experience our community first hand.

You are welcome to visit with your family on a private guided tour.

You might be interested in athletics so attending sporting events would be good.

You might be interested in the arts so attendance at choirs or theatre events might be more to your liking.

Any of these would be open to you. Your attendance would be encouraged.

We even have events where prospective students could get to know us by spending a day in classes with our students and evenings during planned activities that showcase our community. Feel free to check out the events calendar or contact our Admissions Department to set-up tours or visits.


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