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Residence Life

As a resident student you have the opportunity to learn structured independence while being part of a community of caring peers, teachers, deans and support staff. A big part of what makes RJC special is that it is a Christian residential high school.

Residential living helps prepare students for life after graduation, nurturing an independent lifestyle away from home while encouraging cooperative community living. Resident students are responsible for their community and are taught to take ownership of the place where they live.


Our deans work hard to ensure that every student has a safe and positive experience when attending RJC. Before we open the doors in September our deans are working with the school Administrators to plan for the students who will be coming to join us.

Four deans, two women’s and two men’s deans lead RJC's Residence Program. Deans are responsible for monitoring student behavior and ensuring student safety. Their primary goal in the dorms is to serve as mentors and role models to the students.

The Deans work closely with the student lead Dorm Council to give direction in the Dorm. Deans communicate with parents and staff about the wellbeing, and participation of students in the school community outside of school hours. Deans provide the link between parents and students. They attend staff meetings every Monday and give a report to staff about highlights and concerns pertaining to student behavior in the dorms. The Deans also meet weekly with the facilities and kitchen staff to discuss any concerns.

Dorm Rooms


The dorm rooms are furnished with two beds, shelving, cupboards, two desks and two closets. The rooms are basic until the students add their individual touches to them. The student’s personalities and personal taste bring these spaces to life.

Once students move into their rooms they decide how to make these spaces “home”. The students bring the heart and soul to the dorm rooms and creativity flows through the dorms when the students begin to engineer their personal living spaces. Behind each door is a different combination of creativity and ingenuity.

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A life-long friend is what you may find when you move into your RJC dorm room. There are hundreds of stories we have heard of how having a “roommate” has been a very positive experience.

When establishing roommate pairings, staff and deans work together to find the roommates that best suit personalities, grade and school involvement. The deans carefully consider the students who are returning to RJC and the students who are new to our community and make a serious effort to establish the best combinations. We place new students with returning students to help them adjust to their new surroundings with guidance from a student who can give them some guidance. Two students in each room is the norm, unless there are special circumstances that we need to consider. We always want to consider what is best for our students and help them to have a positive experience during their time in the dorms.

Residence Facility


The residence is home to students while they attend RJC as well as a place that shuttle and day students can chill and build relationships with each other. There are a number of lounges for student's comfort, a large cafeteria, "The Pit" (a large theatre area), laundry facilities and storage areas. The main lounge features a big screen TV, foosball and pool table, and a quiet area.

As the residence is home we expect our students to assist our maintenance and caretaking crew in the upkeep. Students are given the responsibility to help keep our residence clean and in good condition for themselves, parents and guests that come to visit.

Gratis (Chores)


Just like at home, students are expected to keep their rooms tidy. Each student will also be given opportunities around the dorm to keep everything in order. Room checks and "gratis" tasks are common for all residents in the dorm. Students are given these responsibilities to help them take ownership of their rooms and dorm.


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