Rosthern Junior College

Living and Learning Together

Being accountable to each other, learning together, having fun in formal and informal activities, and making life long friendships is an integral part of the RJC student experience. Event such as Sam and Sadie Hawkins, Christmas Banquet, Junior-Senior and our annual Friday Night Live take considerable effort and do so much to foster school spirit and good memories.

Class Retreats

All grades at RJC plan and enjoy a time together at a retreat scheduled near the beginning of the school year. The purposes of these retreats include and opportunity for fun, building relationships, learning and worship.

The Grade 10 retreat allows the group to get to know each other away from school. For the past number of years they have enjoyed time together at a lakefront setting exploring the theme of "Risking New Beginnings".

For Grade 11 students, their retreat is a time of activities, relaxation and learning, following the theme of "Nature and God's Creation".

The Grade 12 students celebrate their time together and consider the significant decisions and transitions in upcoming years.

Local Community Service

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for students in Rosthern. For those who like working with children, there is Children's Hour (a children's outreach program run by Rosthern Mennonite Church). Those who like to sit and chat can visit seniors at the Mennonite Nursing Home. There is also a 'Read to Me' program at the local library.