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RJC is a Nuturing Community

Rosthern Junior College is more than just a school. RJC is a safe living environment where every student is included and encouraged to explore their gifts and find places of involvement and belonging within our nurturing community. We foster a stimulating and safe school environment where students and staff reconcile individual freedom with mutual accountability and learn a wholesome respect for self and others.

RJC helps students develop respectful and ethical relationships, where each person is valued and where we are accountable for our actions, decisions, and behaviors. We encourage and affirm students to do their very best, whether in academics, leadership, service, athletics, music, or the arts.

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Why would I want to live in the RJC residence?

RJC offers a positive, healthy environment that allows students to experience structured independence while being part of a community of caring students, teachers, deans and support staff. A big part of what makes RJC special is that it is a Christian residential high school.

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What sorts of activities happen on campus?

Being accountable to each other, learning together, having fun in formal and informal activities, and making life long friendships is an integral part of the RJC student experience. Event such as Sam and Sadie Hawkins, Christmas Banquet, Junior-Senior and our annual Friday Night Live take considerable effort and do so much to foster school spirit and good memories.

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