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Sadie Hawkins 2017 - RJC Emerg!

The Girls DC planned an exciting uniquely themed evening for their all school event, Sadie Hawkins 2017.  The week leading up to the event was filled with girls creatively 'asking out' their Sadie dates.  





The dininghall was transformed into a hospital emergency room complete with the ambulance backed into the entryway, operating room and plenty of blood splatter!  


Representatives from eachTables competed at the game 'Operation' to earn their way to the buffet table.  The kitchen staff out did themselves again, serving up a delicious meal.




Medical staff cared for their many patients who came to the emergency room with a wide variety of maladies and mishaps!









Due to the excellent care received in the  RJC Emergency room, all patients recovered enough participate in the all school swim night later that evening!







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