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Life after ALSO ! - May and June

Life before leaving for ALSO was so crazy and exciting that it was hard to imagine life resuming to a normal pace after returning from Guatemala, Alabama, Calgary, Oliver and Saskatoon.    After resting for ...maybe a day ... just long enough to be thankful for safe travels and wonderful and varied experiences.... we jumped back into the 'normal' hectic pace of RJC.  

The grade 11 and grade 10 class immediately began planning  the annual JR-SR event. This event marks the beginning of the end of the year as the Juniors celebrate the accomplishments of the Senior class and show their appreciation for all the Grade 12's contributed to making this year so successful.  This year's theme was 'RJSea Cruises'.  We spent the evening traveling the world and experiencing different activities in different countries! 



This was immediately followed by RJC's student fundraiser, "Record Breaking Spectacular'.  Students are divided into teams and they compete at different events to earn prizes and of course the honor of breaking previous records.  

Crystal squeezed in a Spend A Day with prospective students.  Students from grade 6-11 joined for an afternoon of classes and fun activities. 


As everyone's schedules filled up with musical practices and exam preparations in June, the SRC planned a fun day of activies in the sun.  Water Fun Day ! is a great way to blow off some steam, decompress and spend time with friends. 

Preparations for GODSPELL performances, exams and graduation continue this week.    We like to say we wind up to wind down at RJC!   


2017-2018 School Year ends in a Flurry!
ALSO 2018 - International
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