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Lentopoly 2017 - Game On!

The competition heats up between the 3 teams raising money for the Faith and Life fundraiser - LENTOPOLY!

All the money raised goes to worthy causes.  Students continue to raise money for our Lentopoly projects in Saskatoon, Calgary, Oliver, Alabama, and Guatemala.   To date over $3,000 has been raised, which is good because sponsoring a hot meal at the Calgary Drop-in Centre, which we are doing, costs $2,000.  Students shared in chapel about the Appleby Drive Kids Club, another project target, and highlighted The Gleaners in Oliver, BC, and organization that dries leftover fruit and vegetables for food banks.  Students will visit these projects during ALSO week and forward the donations at that time.


  Students are baking pies, shoveling driveways, serving coffee and cookies at church, and planning bottle drives to keep the money flowing so we can meet all of our giving targets. 







Each week teams recieve an update in chapel on their progress.  For each 200 dollars raised teams can roll the dice to advance around the Lentopoly game board.  The grade 10/11 team have taken an early lead in the game.



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