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And So It Begins! RJC 2016-1017 School Year

The hallways are once again filled with laughter and excitement for the upcoming school year.  Students leaders have arrived and are preparing their hearts and minds to welcome the new students and kick off the 2016-2017 school year!
The year began with the leadership group gathering together with the staff in the chapel first thing this morning for a Commissioning service.


Craig Neufeld from RMC challenge the students to
'use your gifts to build community!'


Grant Martens, parent to two RJC students, describe different ways
of leading.  'Winning an election does not make you a leader.
Sometimes to lead you must follow.'


Ryan - 'Unless the Lord builds the house, you build the house in vain.'


Robyn and Graham lead the SRC and DC  in a pledge.

I will do the best I can do.
I will be a proud SuperFan
I will be what I want to see
I will leave a legacy
I will ask, "What do leaders do?"
I will respect everyone including myself

Lord, we've set our intentions.  
Help us to stay on track when we begin to go astray.  
Give us the fortitude and tenacity to be positive leaders for the
duration of the school year.  
Let every member find their place on the team.  
Allow us the courage to speak and the wisdom to listen. Amen.
SRC and DC receive a blessing to end the service.


Kristen Hamm- Epp leads the students in team building
activities in the afternoon .


Nothing like water balloons to help build a team!


The rest of the weekend will be spent preparing for moving in day!  So much to do so little time!
Packing welcome bags.
Preparing posters and decorations.
We can hardly wait for Sunday to arrive!
Weekly Update September 14, 2016 - hit the ground ...
RJC - A New Experience (video)
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