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ALSO Oliver 2017 - 921,000 Servings for the Least of These

Chantal’s Daily Weather Report - Hot and sunny, just like it is supposed to be.


After a great night of sleep, being woken up by the soothing sound of Jim’s voice (Mikwan…) and a delicious breakfast, made by our very own Linda, we continued the work of packaging soup mix.  Given our experience from the day before we felt confident in our jobs. Even though we were tired past work we were able to maintain a quick pace of 2,600 servings a minute.



We want to give a description of some of the jobs in the production process:


  • Scooper - Scoop cups of dehydrated vegetables into buckets.

  • Runner - Move buckets, two at a time, and dump them into funnels.

  • Bagger - Hold bags under the funnels to catch soup mix.

  • Transporters - Take filled bags to the sealers.

  • Sealers - Use a heat seal to close each bag individually (in less than 6 seconds a bag - all the while avoiding burns).

  • Box Makers - Bend, tape and place cardboard boxes.

  • Loaders - Place 12 sealed bags of soup in a box.

  • Packers - Place a brochure in the filled box, tape them, and move them to a storage area to be palletized.


In total we were able to complete 420,000 (approx.) servings of soup today. This brought us to a total of 921,000 servings in two days! We were proud of our contribution, as the Okanagan Gleaners were successful in surpassing their total for 6 million servings.


Our work day ended when we finished processing all vegetables in the plant. Afterwards we prepped the packing area for a thorough cleaning tomorrow.


After work we headed to Tickleberry’s for ice cream and then to the Skaha park. We wanted to go swimming, however it was sooooooo cold. Ask Liam. Or Fernando. It was a lot of fun, though, to enjoy the sun, relax, sunbathe and play games after a hard day’s work.  Jim also fell asleep on the beach.


When we got back we enjoyed an amazing supper of ham, beans and biscuits. We started our Spikeball tournament - Oliver ALSO Invitational 2k17: All for the kids. The winner will be posted later.


Tonight Jim led a devotional about motivation. We started by asking for highlights of the day and surprising moments from our work. For example, some were surprised with how fast we moved and how much could be accomplished when we worked together. Jim also told us about how so many of the volunteers did their work as an act of love for God. The idea is that we can show love for God by feeding the hungry or giving water to the thirsty - especially the ‘least of these.’


Tomorrow we are excited to help clean up the Gleaner’s facility so that processing of food for the next year can begin right away. Then we will go to Osoyoos for another day of enjoying the sun.

Oliver Blog3 1

ALSO Oliver - Gr. 10 IMAGINE class at Munson Mountain


Oliver Blog3 2

The Okanagan Gleaner's processing plant. IMAGINE students are doing their part to keep the production line moving!


Oliver Blog3 3

Funneling, sealing and packaging soup mix.


Oliver Blog3 4

Cheyenne running soup pails.


Oliver Blog3 5

Dawson funneling soup mix. Get that bag ready in time!


Oliver Blog3 6

Nathan packaging soup mix.


Oliver Blog3 7

Kate showing off the finished product.


Oliver Blog3 8

Bags of soup mix waiting to be sealed. These bags contain 300 hundred servings of soup.


Oliver Blog3 9

Ben ready with a cup of dehydrated potatoes.


Oliver Blog3 10

Mikayla carefully loading beets.


Oliver Blog3 11

Adam, Dane, Cabri, Tess and Leo filling pails with peppers, onions and mixed vegetables.


Oliver Blog3 12

Liam operating a soup funnel.


Oliver Blog3 13

Barry showing us how to fill a soup bag.

Oliver Blog3 14

Cassie, Richella, Olivia and Kate working the plastic bag sealers.

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