Rosthern Junior College

Residence Student Fees

A residence student is a RJC student who attends classes at RJC and lives in the residence on campus. Students who live close to Rosthern may register as shuttle students or a day students.

Fees listed on the current downloadable Fee Schedule will be honoured in case of a fee discrepancy on the website.

2016-2017 Fees

 SaskatchewanMC SK/MC AB
Out of ProvinceInternational
Tuition $7305 $5695 $8665 $16790
Residence $6860 $6860 $6860 $6860
Total $14165 $12555 $15525 $23650

**Students whose parents are alumni of Rosthern Junior College or students who attend a MC Saskatchewan or MC Alberta church are eligible for reduced rates.

Other Fees

 All Students
Registration Fee (non-refundable) $100
Grade 12 Graduation Fee (non-refundable) $175
Damage Deposit (refundable) $125
Shuttle Service Fee (Day Student Option - Click the Shuttle Tab above) $900
  • Financial Assistance

    RJC attempts to make school costs affordable to families who are interested. Financial assistance is available for eligible students. If you are applying or re-applying for financial assistance, please request a Financial Assistance Form from RJC Admissions or download the Student Financial Assistance Application.

    NOTE: Financial assistance is not available for International students.

    Allocations for financial assistance are made June 15 and August 15. The deadline for financial assistance requests for returning students is May 15, and for new students June 15.

  • Notes to Fees

    Fee Reductions
    Mennonite Church Saskatchewan, Mennonite Church Alberta, together with the RJC Alumni Association, provide funds for member students, hence have reduced fees for their students.
    Second and third students from a family attending during the same year, have their tuition fee reduced by $1,100.
    Out-of-Province Fees
    Saskatchewan Ministry of Education offers grants to Saskatchewan students only, hence out-of-province students have a surcharge added to their fees.
    Noon Meal Fees
    Noon meal costs are included in the tuition fee.
  • Withdrawals and Refunds

    Download the current FEE SCHEDULE for an explanation of fee structure and refundable fees and dates.

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