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Residence Student Fees

An international student is a RJC student who is neither from Canada nor the USA, attends classes at RJC and lives in the residence on campus.

NOTE: Fees listed on the current downloadable Fee Schedule will be honoured in case of a fee discrepancy on the website.

International Fee Schedule

2019-2020 Fees

 Full Year
Tuition/Registration Fee/Damage Deposit $18,500
Residence $7,500
Total $26,000

Withdrawals and Refunds

a) If a student's visa is rejected by Canadian Immigration, the tuition fees are refunded, registration fee and courier costs are retained.
b) If a student withdraws and returns home, residence and academic fees are refundable on a prorated basis according to the numbers of days the student has been enrolled until October 31 (Semester I) and March 1 (Semester II). After those dates fees are non-refundable.
c) If a student transfers to a different school in Canada during the school year, none of their tuition or residence fees are refundable.
d) Student Activity and Learning Resources are refundable until September 30 if a student withdraws and returns home. After this they are non-refundable.
e) Capital Replacement Fees are non-refundable.
f) Accident Insurance Fee is non-refundable once premiums have been submitted.

Payment Options

            1. use PayMyTuition online
              Read more about PayMyTuition
            2. by cheque or money order or electronic transfer to Affinity Credit Union in Rosthern
              Affinity Credit Union (Rosthern, SK Branch)
              Box 176
              Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Canada S0K 3R0
              Transit Number: 22418
              Bank Number: 889
              Account Number: 100209063546
              Swift Code: CUCXCATTREG
              Branch Transit: CC088922418

Download the current fee schedule for a detailed explanation of fee structure, refundable fees and dates.

International Fee Schedule

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