Rosthern Junior College

Returning Students

A returning student is any Canadian or International student who will be attending Rosthern Junior College after having studied at RJC at least one semester the previous year. If you were not a student at RJC the previous year, you must follow the application guidelines for new Canadian students or International students.

Fees listed on the current downloadable Fee Schedule will be honoured in case of a fee discrepancy on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information regarding applying to RJC as a returning student, click the topics below,

  • Steps to Register
    1. Download a paper application
    2. Print it and fill it out.
    3. Send it to RJC with your $100 registration fee and $500 deposit by August 1.

You will be contacted shortly once your form is received. We are happy to help you with your next steps.

  • Admission Requirements

    Steps to Register

    1. The student must be in good standing with Rosthern Junior College, as indicated on the returning student application form.
    2. A reference may also be required if the student has been away from RJC for more than two years.
    3. Financial ability to meet the cost of education at Rosthern Junior College (Tuition, Room, Board, Health Insurance). Please refer to the current tuition and cost.

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