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How do I apply for RJC?

Are you ready to experience the tradition and challenge of studying at a Christian private high school? Download a paper application to begin the process. Contact the school office for help if you have questions.

  1. Download a paper application
  2. Print it and fill it out.
  3. Send it to RJC with your $100 registration fee

You will be contacted shortly once your form is received. We are happy to help you with your next steps.

Admission Forms Page

Canada/USA Students

The RJC admissions process usually begins the spring of a student's year in Grade 9 or 10, when an application is submitted. 

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International Students

Every year thousands of students decide to leave their country and study abroad. As we are a resident High School, we have the opportunity and privilege to host students looking for a cross-cultural education in an exceptional academic environment. If you are a student looking to improve your English language skills and acquire your high school diploma in Canada please do consider what Rosthern Junior College has to offer.

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Returning Students

A returning student is any Canadian or International student who will be attending Rosthern Junior College after having studied at RJC at least one semester the previous year. If you were not a student at RJC the previous year, you must follow the application guidelines for new Canadian students or International students.

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