Rosthern Junior College

Note to Applicants

WELCOME! We are excited that you are considering Rosthern Junior College for your son/daughter’s high school education.

Rooted in Faith, Growing the Future speaks to the ways in which the past meets and gives rise to the future. It acknowledges the strength and durability of our Mennonite heritage, while at the same time creates openness to a future as yet unknown. It paints a wide horizon, full of opportunity and adventure for our students.

RJC is a Christian residential high school offering Grades 10-12. It is based on a Christian foundation and provides a sound academic and residential program. While about 40% of our students are from Mennonite background, the other 60% come from all walks of life. The school offers the Saskatchewan approved and inspected high school curriculum, and is staffed by highly qualified instructors. We are geared for students intending to continue their education; therefore, the smaller population of students lends itself to individualized attention. Many students and parents often identify this as being a significant factor in improving grades.

Some of the biggest pluses that RJC offers are in the areas of co-curricular options. Music, drama, sports, art, outdoor education, service opportunities, and peer counselling allow for a holistic educational experience that fosters physical, mental and spiritual growth. Another one of the other pluses that RJC offers is the residence life. Many of the alumni have said one of the most valuable things that they came away from RJC with was the community of friends. The residence option allows students to experience more independent living and the opportunity to chart a new beginning both with friends and with schooling.

Our students leave this place with depth of character, breath of worldview, and lifelong friendships. Grounded in community and fortified with confidence, they emerge educated and equipped to be leaders of industry, athletics, arts and academics.

In this small but significant way, the world is transformed.

Valerie White
Director of Admissions Rosthern Junior College (RJC)

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