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Rosthern Junior College is very proud of it's alumni. Since the first graduating class in 1905, graduates have contributed to in a variety of settings.

Staying connected

RJC tries to foster meaningful connections with alumni, as well as organize social events, acknowledge professional achievements and fundraise. The School will also share news about educational offerings, events and achievements.


RJC hosts numerous activities throughout the year, some of which are specifically planned for alumni. Please contact the the RJC Office for more details.

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The RJC Alumni Donor and Relations Officer works with alumni, donors, and friends of RJC to strengthen and build on existing relationships. We discover and highlight shared interests, secure support for the school, and work to increase connections with RJC’s worldwide community of alumni.

Ultimately, our goal is to foster a strong relationship with RJC among our alumni, donors, and friends.

Keep in touch with RJC by updating your contact information. Please contact RJC Office.

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