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RJC’s learning community is a campus and residence where students are challenged to serve, teach and learn; encourage, share, lead and above all offer each other mercy and love.

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RJC offers a positive, healthy environment that allows students to experience structured independence while being a part of a community of caring students, teachers, deans and support staff.

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A commitment by the whole RJC community to generate enthusiasm and school spirit making the school year the best it can be for themselves, their peers and staff.

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RJC is a unique learning environment in a Christian, residential setting high school.

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Grade 10
A cross-curricular social justice initiative provided to all Grade 10 students attending Rosthern Junior College. Students are taught in a collaborative, hands-on learning, inquiry based, community building environment and seeking solutions to issues of justice and peace building. Learning occurs both in the classroom and visiting locations across Western Canada.
Grade 11
A growth of learning in Grade 11 that focuses on building peace through the pursuit of healthy relationships with oneself, others, God and the planet. While engaging in Grade 11 curriculum, students will be invited to learn, plan and implement models of peacemaking and community building with service trips throughout Canada and the United States and engage in opportunities to recharge and reconnect with outdoor trips to Northern Saskatchewan.


Grade 12
Students are given opportunities to develop their leadership potential through acts of service and cross-curricular learning. Through servant leadership opportunities across North and South America and a Grade 12 designated Leadership retreat, experiential learning as an exploration of their leadership potential and their roles and responsibilities in a globalized world will give students practical preparedness for their next steps beyond high school.



Rosthern Junior College prides itself on a strong athletic program with numerous provincial banners reflecting over a hundred years of excellence and sportsmanship in athletics. Sports generate spirit and excitement, provide a forum for personal growth and development and are a lot of fun.

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Fine Arts

Expression through the arts is an important part of education and the experience at RJC. Competitions in local and provincial music festivals along with the opportunity to perform is a part of what makes the program strong and enjoyed by many students.

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Travel Opportunities

Alternative Learning Service Opportunity Program (ALSO) provides intensive times of ‘learning while serving’. The entire school community travels either locally or internationally, away from the school campus to volunteer and learn about issues relating to poverty, racism, stereotyping, and injustice. By serving others, students most often learn about themselves and find these experiences transformative and life changing.

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Programs and Extra-Curricular

Student led programs, guided by staff member are abundant. Being a part of these programs and committees is a great waht to become part of the community and have a hand in leadership.

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The best way for you to experience the beauty of our campus, the intellectual intensity in our classrooms and the warmth of our highly social atmosphere is to come and see Rosthern Junior College for yourself.

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Submit your application form to indicate your interest in receiving more information from the school. Once your form is submitted someone from the school will be in contact with you for follow-up within 24 hours.

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Bursaries and Scholarships

RJC makes every effort to make school costs affordable to families who are interested and there are many opportunities to apply.

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