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Transformative Education

RJC continues to provide its students with a well-rounded academic program including all core subjects and a variety of electives including classes in the arts, social sciences and practical and applied arts.

Our graduates demonstrate the integrity of our educational offerings and their preparedness for "life after high school" as they continue on and experience success in the trades, colleges and universities.

Academic Specifics

In addition to the courses prescribed by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education the following courses are compulsory:

  • Grade 10: Christian Ethics, Practical Arts, Applied Arts, Choral
  • Grade 11: Christian Ethics, Phys Ed, Life Transitions
  • Grade 12: Christian Ethics

In some cases, a choice exists between two courses. We recommend taking as many courses as the timetable permits. In special cases a course may also be taken at the modified or general level.


Tutorial time is scheduled for 30 minutes four days a week. During this time, teachers will be in their class prepared to help individual students. We encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity.

If students are having difficulty in a class, a teacher may require them to attend their tutorial in order to assist them in successfully completing their course.

This time is considered part of the academic day.

Committed Support

RJC continues to benefit from a committed and dedicated team of staff who together share a common calling to Christian education. Collectively, the teachers, administrators, support, custodians, cooks and residence staff work hard to create a warm, supportive and safe school community in which students are challenged to learn, grow and live.

RJC is also fortunate to be served by a group of committed and dedicated Board of Directors, and is grateful for the time, effort and energy this group invests in the governance of the school.

Dress Code

The purpose of the dress code at RJC is to ensure that the students are dressed in a manner consistent with the school's values by wearing neat, clean, modest and inoffensive clothing.

Dress code for both boy's and girls include golf shirts - both long and short sleeved, rugby shirts and sweatshirts. These are to be worn along with solid non-denim navy or black pants.

RJC golf shirts, sweatshirts or rugby shirts must cover clothing worn underneath. (It is very important to label all school clothing with laundry markers to prevent loss or theft.) The deans will have laundry markers available for students.

Pants may be either solid black or navy and must not have coloured accents, such as zippers, seams and so on. Navy or black knee-length shorts, skirts or jumpers may be worn. Sweat pants are not considered dress code.

Hats are not to be worn during the academic day.

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