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Student Led Committees

There is always something to be involved with at Rosthern Junior College. Student led programs, guided by staff members, are abundant. Being part of these programs and committees is a great way to become part of the community and have a hand in leadership.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

These are students that have been elected by their peers to take major leadership roles at the school. Members of SRC hold positions such as: committee heads, secretary, treasurer, day student representative and co-presidents.

These members also lead student affairs, plan school events and represent the student body at staff and board meetings.

Dorm Council

Dorm council are students than have been elected by their peers and staff to take leadership roles in the residence.

Dorm council usually consists of second or third year students and is put in place to guide and lead new students that are moving up into the residence. These members also take leadership in residence situations and planning school events.

Spirit Committee

This committee is formed to enhance school spirit and to create community atmosphere. This group plans events around the school such as holiday banquets, recreational activities and theme days during the year. The committee also encourages students by making posters and banners for student birthdays, sporting events and competitions.

The Link Yearbook Committee

The Link is a major student publication for the year. Editors, advertising personnel, photographers, artists and typists are all important in this group. Students gain experience in graphic arts and business while participating on this committee, as well as creating a lasting memory of the school year.

The Borscht Student Newspaper

Working on The Borscht allows students to be involved with writing, editing, layout and publication of a small paper. It allows students to be creative and to be involved in the school news.

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